Photo by Matt Trappe


Caleb's passion for the mountains began in Charlotte, where he learned to hike, bike and ski at an early age. Caleb quickly grew into the star of the family. He excelled both in the classroom at CCS and CVU, as well as in outdoor activities, namely skiing and ultimate Frisbee. In 2010, he was named Vermont Ultimate Frisbee Player of the Year.

After he graduated from CVU in 2010, Caleb attended Dartmouth College, where he completed a degree in Neuroscience in 2014. To no one's surprise, Caleb chose to continue leading outdoor adventures over applying to medical school after college. He began his guiding career at the Rainier Mountain Institute in Washington, where he led trips up Mt. Rainier during the summer, summiting 36 times. Throughout the rest of the year, Caleb took clients to a variety of destinations, his favorite being Denali, Alaska.

Caleb thrived as a guide, and completed AMGA Level 2 certifications in rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and alpine guiding.

Caleb and his climbing partner, Randall Stacy, spent September and early October training in Yosemite Valley. There they climbed El Capitan before setting out for Santiago, Chile and Patagonia. 

On October 22nd, Caleb and a group of four other guides set out for their first objective: Cerro Cortaderas, a 17,050-foot peak in the Andes. Caleb broke trail on the way up and was leading the group back down toward their base camp when he stopped to regroup and broke through a deep snow-covered crevasse. His team was quick to retrieve him, but he did not survive the head injury sustained during the fall.


Originally printed in the Burlington Free Press